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Save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint

Enjoy HD music, TV, and Home Theatre

Control your home or business from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet or PC

Remotely secure your property and monitor your CCTV and alarm systems

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The safety and protection of your home and family is paramount

Protect and monitor all that's yours with our state of the art CCTV cameras and recording systems which you can view from the comfort of your sofa, or if you are away from your property, over the internet on your smartphone or tablet

Motion sensor cameras activate when they “see” an object cross their field of view and will activate the controller to warn you something may be amiss

Our cameras have night-vision capability and protect your home 24 hours a day

Recording systems can cope with a simple 4 camera system, right up to a very sophisticated multi-camera setup

Many different types of integrated sensors can be installed to warn of smoke, heat, flood, unauthorised vehicles, intruders etc.

You can also set and unset your alarm systems and both CCTV and alarm can be linked to trigger alerts when either system detects a problem