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Save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint

Enjoy HD music, TV, and Home Theatre

Control your home or business from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet or PC

Remotely secure your property and monitor your CCTV and alarm systems

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Total Property Automation …

at the touch of a button!

A Leviton security and automation system can be installed in new builds or retro-fitted into existing buildings and can add value to your premises. It’s totally modular so features can easily be added to the system as and when you want them

Adding Leviton security and automation technology to your property is surprisingly affordable, makes life easier and saves you money

Automation technology makes it easy to totally control and monitor your security, lighting, thermostats, CCTV, audio/video, and manage your energy consumption automatically doing routine functions with a touch of a button

As a CEDIA member and a Leviton approved installer you can rest assured you are getting the best solution available

We will install Structured Cabling to link all your technology to your Leviton security and automation controller which becomes the brains of your property

Once your Leviton is programmed, it operates automatically and decides what your home should do under various circumstances. You can make changes from your Omni 7 wallmounted touchscreens

Automation control gives you the convenience of using your technology efficiently, easily and makes your property a smart one

Homes and businesses can both benefit from automation with systems specifically designed to be fit for purpose

Manage your property from your control panel or from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet

View real time video of your CCTV – see your front door, pool, garage, outbuildings etc from the comfort of your sofa

Arm or disarm the alarm, unlock the front door to visitors, automatically open your gates

Get real time event notifications of alarm triggers, CCTV activity etc on your smartphone or PC wherever you are in the world

Save energy by automatically controlling your lights, climate control, entertainment systems, appliances, lawn sprinklers, pool heating, greenhouse humidity etc

Automation will only switch these on when they are needed, saving energy, money and reducing your carbon footprint

Manage your music from the control panel or from your smartphone

Select playlists for individual rooms or the whole house

Enjoy a true cinema style experience when your home theatre automatically dims the lights, sets the temperature and starts your movie





When you are away on business, holidays etc, simply connect to your Leviton via the web with your smartphone, tablet or laptop to fully access and control your system