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Save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint

Enjoy HD music, TV, and Home Theatre

Control your home or business from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet or PC

Remotely secure your property and monitor your CCTV and alarm systems

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Energy management control systems are redefining how facilities managers and businesses are saving money

In today's economy businesses need to control costs incurred from unnecessary lighting

Reduce your lighting spend and create more productive workspaces

We offer a complete controlled lighting solution that can be set by simply pressing a button on your smartphone, I-Pad or PC

Installation is available for any size of business and is only limited by your imagination

Most offices and business premises use unnecessary lighting in unoccupied spaces, or are not suitably lit to consider ambient light and the actual use of the space

This wastes electricity, can cause discomfort and reduce productivity

Smartouch energy efficient controlled lighting uses sensors to detect when the lights are needed and switches them off when they are not, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint

Energy management can be integrated with your security systems

When the alarms are armed, the Smartouch controller will switch of all unnecessary lighting and de-energise your heating to save money while the property is unoccupied. Failsafe frost protection switches on automatically if the temperature drops below a certain preset level. All this can be remotely changed or over-ridden by your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

When you return home and disarm the alarms, the controller will automatically reset the heating to its normal settings